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We've been in over 40,000 homes, so we've listened to, experienced, tested and seen just about everything.


Anyone can present information. It comes from a book or online course and can be self taught. Where Pure Energy Coach stands out is in skills and abilities training. It takes experience to truly train someone, and we have tons of experience.

     - A. Tamasin Sterner, President and Chief Coach

Our coaches are renowned experts sought out for their input into this country's smart building policies, utility efficiency programs and standards development. Our deep and pragmatic knowledge, coupled with hands-on and individually attentive delivery of training, means you get the most comprehensive and practical professional training in the home performance industry - which will help you get a good job, keep your current job, or advance in the field.

Pure Energy's Chief Coach A. Tamasin Sterner and other stakeholders in the energy conservation field advise President Obama at The President's Meeting on Energy Efficiency and Job Creation, December, 2009. Tamasin famously convinced Mr. Obama that insulation is "sexy".

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We are U.S. Department of Energy trainers who are certified to teach the new workforce how to test and fix buildings according to standard work practices.

Tamasin teaches Building Science in Lancaster, PA.

BPI Test Center LogoAnd, as a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Test Center, our courses have been reviewed, approved and checked for relevance to the industry ... and many offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

A. Tamasin Sterner teaching.


COACH was a big hit at the ACI conference in Baltimore! Participants were overheard talking about how the sessions in COACH were the best sessions they attended. Some said they ran to COACH in order to get in line due to the maximum 12 per session attendance allowed.

See pictures from COACH at the 2012 ACI National Home Performance Conference in Baltimore

We are continually adding new course offerings to our lineup - check out our course schedule now.

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Blower door setupTraining and Testing in Support of BPI Building Analyst Professional Certification

Mar 12-16, 2012

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Tamasin lecturing2012 Women's Energy Auditing Course

September 10-14



BPI Veterans assistance program

Supporting the Best Workforce with COACH

The industry needs highly skilled technicians who are confident they can handle any situation they encounter, and we saw a need for a mobile, hands-on training lab.

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Tips on Testing Gas Ovens for CO

As Auditors, Final Inspectors, and Trainers, Pure Energy tests for CO levels in many ovens. We have discovered some testing protocol that seems to make our tests more efficient and reliable, and we are sharing those tips with you in this document.

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Zonal Pressure Diagnostics (ZPD) House Videos

Watch YouTube videos about the interactive Zonal Pressure Diagnostics (ZPD) House simulator used by Pure Energy Coach for Building Science training on the EnergyWright channel.

ZPD house video

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US EPA: Healthy Indoor Environment Protocols for Home Energy Upgrades

EPA has developed a new voluntary guidance document that provides a set of best practices for improving indoor air quality in conjunction with energy upgrade work in homes.

Air leakage


Testimonial - A Personal Story

Christine attended 8 days of Energy Auditor training with Pure Energy Coach in 2011. What she learned rocked her world!

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ATEEC: Preparing Energy Technicians for the 21st Century Workforce

ATEEC Report


A. Tamasin Sterner:
Do You Plan to Become a BPI Test Center?

Home Energy Pros

January 15, 2012

I'm wanting to assess which tri-state BPI Affiliates are becoming BPI Test Centers. And, in order to not over flood the area with too many Test Centers, I'm looking to pool resources. If you are becoming a Test Center, or if you know an entity that is, please share that information...

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